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We have an identity that is independent and unifies our organisation, enabling our funding, support and partnerships with the NHS and others to be visible and recognised. Our sub-logos also allow us to present our distributed organisation in a more cohesive way.  

The new identity, introduced in February 2019, supersedes all previous versions and applies to:

  • all NIHR communications and NIHR-funded and/or supported work
  • all digital platforms and communications, which should now be carrying the new identity 
  • all signage and print communications.

This web-based platform for guidance regarding our visual identity replaces all previous PDFs.

Last updated: 24/01/20

Hints and tips

As NIHR's communications leads please ensure that:

  • Any remaining out-of-date print (i.e. pre-dating the new identity and carrying the NHS lozenge) is recycled and no longer in circulation.
  • The only NIHR logo in use is the current logo (not the NHS sub-brand).
  • There are no uses of a colour bar device, old or new (no new colour bars should be created with the new colours).
  • Researchers and others always use the current slide presentation and research poster templates for consistency in look and feel (if not using host organisation templates). 
  • Graphic designers use Google Lato.
  • The NIHR is credited in writing for NIHR funding and/or support received, by naming and linking to the NIHR in text on websites and social media channels.
  • Research teams acknowledge the NIHR in research publications and other research outputs, with disclaimer as applicable.
  • Alternatives, alterations or custom additions to NIHR's identity are avoided as they are not permitted, for example visual/graphic devices.


Guidance is available in the following sections, summarised below.

Key elements - The NIHR is identified visually through its logo and sub-logos, colour palette, typeface, imagery and motifs for design.

Partnerships - Joint branding applies where the NIHR has partnered with one or more other organisations i.e. third parties to the NIHR.

Style guide - Refer to our A-Z style guide for consistency of language, punctuation and other style features such as time and dates. We also have writing resources including tone of voice and writing for web.

Look and feel - Work with our key elements to create an NIHR look and feel for your websites, social media, research outputs and other communications or marketing materials. Templates and worked examples are available for slides, research posters and other applications.

Getting help - Advice on applying the visual identity is available from 'go-to' experts in NIHR's coordinating centres.

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