Communications professionals in NIHR Coordinating Centres produce a number of types of written digital content for the NIHR website, plus other written content for print and digital. We also have writing guidance, to support comms professionals in creating consistent and high quality written content.

The NIHR Content Team oversees production of a number of types of corporate content and assets, to communicate NIHR's remit, strategy and impact.

Content types

Three main types of content are published on the NIHR website by Coordinating Centre communications professionals. The different types of content are overseen by different NIHR working teams.

Content typeFormatObjectivesWorking team that oversees content
News stories

Journalistic accounts of when something has happened relating to the NIHR or our research.

Must be timely and highlight what is new.

To boost the reputation of the NIHR by highlighting our successes in the public domain

Press office team

Blog posts

First person accounts that offer an opinion/ personal perspective/ someone’s experience - e.g. researcher stories, patient stories.

May have an element of timeliness (e.g. linked to a paper publishing), but not essential.

To engage audiences in the work of the NIHR by sharing the experiences of someone like them who is already involved with us

To provide a personal perspective, adding a face to the organisation

To provide info about why a particular part of the NIHR might be relevant to a particular user group.

Press office team

Case studies

Storytelling human interest pieces with data and quotes (often multiple contributors, can include testimonials)

Do not need to be time bound.

To show people what we do and its value (rather than tell them as per news stories and static content) via an engaging piece based on real examples.

To direct users to other parts of our website where they can find out more about a particular element of the NIHR’s offer.

Content team

We also produce a number of digital newsletters, with one for each of our main audience groups (in line with our audience streams for social media). NIHR newsletters are overseen by the NIHR Social Media Working Team. Find out more about the process around NIHR newsletters.

Writing guidance

We have a number of tools that enable us to have a shared and consistent approach to written content about the NIHR, such as writing goals and principles, a style guide, and advice on accessibility and inclusive language.

NIHR Content Team

The NIHR Content Team oversees production of a number of types of corporate content and assets, to communicate NIHR's remit, strategy and impact. This includes:

  • a suite of corporate materials and assets, including the NIHR annual report, a core slide deck for NIHR staff and leaders, the Funding Opportunities booklet for researchers, and a brochure to introduce MPs to the NIHR
  • Making a Difference impact case studies and other information about NIHR's approach to impact on the NIHR website
  • a toolkit for NIHR leaders, so they feel empowered and equipped to talk about the NIHR and can deliver consistent and accurate messages about the organisation
  • a multimedia library for Coordinating Centre staff to store, share and search for images, diagrams and videos

Content Team also oversees the NIHR Wikipedia page.

Find out who is on the Content Team and how to contact us.

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