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NIHR blog posts provide first person accounts from people involved with the NIHR that offer an opinion, personal perspective or personal experience.

The objectives of blog posts are:

  • To engage audiences in the work of the NIHR by sharing the experiences of someone like them who is already involved with us
  • To add a face to the organisation, making NIHR more accessible to the general public
  • To provide information about why a particular part of the NIHR might be relevant to a particular user group
  • To raise the profile of the NIHR

Blog posts can be messages from NIHR leaders and spokespeople, to showcase the people of the NIHR and our areas of strategic focus. We also commission blog posts from researchers in NIHR infrastructure, schools and units, and from stakeholders and partners outside of the NIHR.

Blog posts may  have an element of timeliness - e.g. they could be linked to a paper publishing or hitting the news, or an observance day or campaign - but this is not essential.

Any comms person in an NIHR coordinating centre can commission a blog post to support the objectives of their parts of the NIHR. Read more about the process for commissioning blog posts.

Blogs on the NIHR website are overseen by Maxwell Kusi-Obodum, Communications and Events Manager, NIHR Evaluation, Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre (NETSCC). Maxwell maintains a pipeline and copy flow of blog posts and provides editorial oversight.

Blogs are typically posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Blogs can be published on alternative days where appropriate - e.g. to coincide with an observance day or campaign. Read more about the blogs publication and promotion process.

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