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Social Media: Channel information and guidance

The following section provides guidance on the NIHR audience streams and the social media channels assigned to each.

This page gives an overview of all our channels and who they are for.  The pages within this section provide more details about the makeup of each ‘channel stream’ audience group,  the recommended content focus that each stream should be used for, along with information around the different social media channels that sit within each stream (i.e. Twitter/Facebook).

Information around language and tone of voice for each channel stream can be found in the NIHR Tone of Voice Guide.

The window to the NIHR

NIHR Research

This channel has the broadest audience. Post content and stories promoting the positive impact of the NIHR to NHS decision makers, influencers, the public, government, and those unfamiliar with the NIHR etc. 

Read more about News and Research channels and audience.


Channels for or about the public

NIHR Get Involved (Be Part of Research)

For stories showing the value of public and patient participation in health research and encouraging them to get involved or be advocates for health research.

  • Target audience: Potential study participants, carers, GPs looking on behalf of patients, engaged public, people  living with a  health condition
  • Twitter: @NIHRtakepart
  • LinkedIn: None
  • Facebook: Official NIHR
  • Newsletter: Monthly
  • Channels managed by: Social Media Delivery Group 2

Read more about Take Part channels and audience. 

NIHR Involvement

For learning, events and advice on engaging patients, service users, carers and the public in research

  • Target audience: Researchers, patients, carers and the public, public involvement and engagement professionals
  • Twitter: @NIHRinvolvement
  • LinkedIn: None
  • Facebook: where appropriate, Official NIHR
  • Newsletter: content combined with Be Part of Research newsletter above
  • Channels managed by: Social Media Delivery Group 2

Read more about Involvement channels and audience. 

Channels for those who deliver research with or for us

NIHR Community

For stories of interest to those already involved with or working for the NIHR.

  • Target audience: Those already working in research, especially those working with/for the NIHR.
  • Twitter: @NIHRcommunity
  • LinkedIn: NIHR Community
  • Facebook: None
  • Newsletters:
    • funding alerts (weekly)
    • funding and support round-up (monthly)
  • Channels managed by: Social Media Delivery Group 3

Read more about Community channels and audience. 

NIHR for Industry

For stories involving an industry, charity or other partner, or highlighting how NIHR can support industry/companies.

Read more about  Industry channels and audience. 

Channels sharing our research findings

NIHR Evidence

For showcasing the best evidence from NIHR to those making  health and care decisions or those in receipt of health and social care.

  • Target audience: Clinicians, commissioners and healthcare professionals, interested patients, families and carers
  • Twitter: @NIHRevidence
  • LinkedIn: No dedicated channel, though News and Research or Community pages may be appropriate
  • Facebook:  No specific page, but where content is of interest to the public: Official NIHR
  • Newsletter: monthly
  • Channels managed by: Social Media Delivery Group 1

Read more about Evidence channels and audience. 

Channels for global health research news

NIHR Global Health

For personal testimonials and success stories, Global Health funding calls and grant announcements, interesting publications from NIHR-funded projects

  • Target audience: Global health policy makers, funders and partners, NIHR GHR award holders and their host institutions, national policy makers and Ministries of health in low and middle income countries, international and local non-governmental organisations, Global health researchers and practitioners, UK Science & Innovations Networks (SINs), British Council offices in LMICs, journalists/media, especially in Global health and development
  • Twitter: @NIHRglobal
  • LinkedIn: there is a closed LinkedIn group; otherwise some global health posts may be shared on  News and Research or Community LinkedIn pages
  • Facebook: no
  • Newsletter: monthly
  • Channels managed by: Social Media Delivery Group 4

Read more about Global Health channels and audience. 

For video and audio


Our YouTube channel hosts videos from across the entire NIHR, for all audiences. Due to the breadth of topics a number of playlists have been created to group related content.

If you are looking to publish on the corporate YouTube channel, read our essential YouTube guidance

  • External YouTube: NIHRtv
  • NIHR library


 Our podcasts are published on Buzzsprout but pushed out to all the most popular podcast players.

If you are looking to publish on the corporate podcast channel, read our podcast guidance before you start planning your podcast.


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