Audience Stream: Community


Maintaining and leveraging relationships with those already involved with, or working for the NIHR.


  • Researchers working with NIHR (including NIHR funded researchers)
  • HCPs working with NIHR

Content focus

  • Good news stories showcasing work from across the NIHR
  • Content demonstrating the potential career pathways and training available for NIHR researchers
  • Funding opportunities
  • Posts focusing on NIHR strategic aims to create a sense of shared purpose.
  • Translational (research to practice) achievements
  • Collaborative language and tone of voice

Focus should be on the following ‘types’ of content

  • Graphical/photographic
    • Photographs should be representative of the audience,
    • Webinars/slides that promote and explain funding streams
    • Instructional graphics to be used to disseminate key messages (crossover with the Relations audience stream here)
  • Editorial
    • Long-form e.g. thought leadership articles, key research
    • Short-form e.g. fact sheets
    • Personal testimonials and success stories featuring NIHR success stories and examples of cross-NIHR working.
    • Podcasts
  • Interactive
    • Webinars (with Q&As)
  • Video
    • Interactive webinars with NIHR staff and researchers.
    • Q&As
    • Short videos highlighting different facets of NIHR work, outcomes and funding streams.

Community: Social media channels


  • Name: We are NIHR
  • Handle: @NIHRcommunity



As there is a single Facebook account for the organisation which is popular with both healthcare professionals/researchers - as well as patients and the public -  in terms of engagement, the NIHR Facebook account will serve two audience streams: ‘Community’ (as above) and ‘Get Involved’ (aimed at patients and the public). Healthcare professionals are often the conduit for patients to participate in research and there is common ground between the two audiences.  Therefore the Facebook channel can be used for the different content types outlined in the relevant channel stream guidance.

Further information on Facebook can be found in the ‘Get Involved’ channel stream guidance.