Audience Stream: Evidence

Best Evidence channels

Channels managed by: Social Media Delivery Group 1

Channel Objectives

Promoting the best available research evidence from the NIHR and other sources to those making health and care decisions.


  • Health and social care professionals
  • Patients, service users and carers
  • Members of the public
  • NHS decision makers  

Content focus

  • Research evidence must be independently selected for quality and usefulness to the health and care system. The account will only share research evidence that has been independently, critically assessed, Research evidence fromacrosstheNIHR. This should:
    • Be summarised for social. The account will not share full research papers or any other content that has not been summarised for readability.
    • Be understandable to a broad audience and should be optimised for mobile users where possible.
    • Focus on evidence that is actionable (i.e. people can go away and make changes to how they do things after reading the research).
    • Explore the evidence in the context of the health and care system and implications for practice and/or policy.
  • Thought pieces and blogs that fit the overall remit of the channel. For example, they may be about evidence dissemination, evidence use, evidence implementation or understanding evidence.

In practice, this means the bulk of content for this channel will continue to come from Centre for Engagement and Dissemination, but some content from other parts of the NIHR may be relevant, for example, accessible summaries from the Journals Library.


  • Clear and concise language and tone of voice
  • Unbiased and critical. Content shared by the account must not be ‘promotional’ in tone. It must critically, honestly appraise the evidence.

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