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Our identity unifies our activities, enabling our funding, support and partnerships with NHS, social care, public health and global health organisations to be visible and recognised, and connects our distributed organisation.  

Our identity applies NIHR-wide to:

  • all NIHR communications and NIHR-funded and/or supported work
  • all digital platforms and communications 
  • all signage and print communications

NIHR-wide implementation

Having a strong, visible, consistent and shared identity relies upon everyone funded and supported by the NIHR using it to:

  • signal and demonstrate transparency about this recognition 
  • complement and enhance references to NIHR in content, such as naming us, carrying a relationship statement, linking to NIHR sites, and further acknowledgment of NIHR's contribution in a relevant context

Who should use the NIHR identity 

All parts of the NIHR, including coordinating centres, should use the NIHR identity as described below: 

  • corporate teams should use the NIHR logo
  • designated - or named - parts of the NIHR, for example NIHR Biomedical Research Centres, are issued with a sub-logo pack and should apply other elements of the visual identity on websites, social media platforms, e-newsletters and in other NIHR news and communications
  • researchers awarded funding through an NIHR research programme should use the 'Funded by NIHR' logo on their study pages and materials, and name or otherwise acknowledge the NIHR in press releases, publications and other research outputs
  • industry, charities and other partners we have supported through study delivery, expertise or use of facilities should use our 'Supported by NIHR' logo on their study pages and materials and acknowledge the NIHR in press releases, publications and other research outputs

Guidance summary

Guidance is available in the following sections, summarised below.

Visual identity guidance for:

  • the key elements to identify the NIHR visually through its logo and sub-logos, colour palette, typeface, imagery and motifs for design
  • working in partnership,  the joint branding advice for when the NIHR has partnered with one or more other organisations that are third parties to the NIHR

Application guidance, such as:

 Writing resources to enhance NIHR-branded platforms and communications, including:

Getting help - Advice on applying the visual identity is available from 'go-to' experts on the NIHR brand.


Last updated: 19/04/22

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