Getting help


Although ultimate responsibility for our visual identity rests with DHSC, day-to-day responsibility for compliance and providing  support in applying our visual identity rests within and across the NIHR.

Advice in applying the visual identity should be sought from the coordinating centre managing your programme or part of the NIHR. 

Brand advice

Our coordinating centres (CCs) are responsible for brand governance across their activities. We have lead advisers for the visual identity to:

  • Advise staff within their CCs on visual identity features and requirements
  • Advise comms leads in those parts of the NIHR their CC manages regarding our visual identity
  • Confer with CC colleagues regarding new logo requests or applications of the visual identity
  • Co-curate, update and continually improve the visual identity content on the website, Comms site and brand asset library.

The lead advisers are as follows:


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