Key elements


Elements of our visual identity

Together, the following elements make up our visual identity:

  • either our logo or sub-logo, positioned top left
    • plus adapted logos are available for social media channels, researchers and partners
  • our typeface, an open source font - Google Lato
    • 10 typefaces have been selected from this family for all design use
  • our colour palette of eight colours
    • NIHR Navy (our primary colour) plus seven others
    • colour combinations identified to differentiate our communications for different audience streams
  • our design motifs
    • a choice of 13 motifs for creative use by your graphic designer, in different colour ways, on the perimeter of photography or in colour blocks as a grid arrangement
  • our preferred use of imagery and other visuals to represent the range and diversity of our work
    • combine these and/or the design motifs with other elements of the visual identity to create your own NIHR look and feel within the guidance


Brand role of NIHR communications teams 

Communications teams across the NIHR have an active role to play in advising on the correct and up-to-date use of the above elements of the NIHR identity for their part of the NIHR, ensuring for example that:

  • the only NIHR logo in use is the current logo or sub-logo, whichever is applicable
  • that slide sets in use are on the current slide template, noting that we have a version for adding a sub-logos 
  • graphic designers we commission use Google Lato and are made aware of NIHR's look and feel
  • the NIHR is credited in writing for NIHR funding and/or support received, by inclusion of, for example, an acknowledgement, naming and linking to the NIHR in text on websites and social media channels
  • research teams acknowledge the NIHR in research publications and other research outputs, with disclaimer as applicable (our research poster template is under review)
  • alternatives, alterations or custom versions or additions to NIHR's identity are not made or permitted, for example logos or visual/graphic devices

Advice can also be sought from NIHR brand leads.

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