Look and feel


Combine elements of the visual identity to create our unifying look and feel, one that shows this is NIHR instantly.


The key to establishing our look and feel is consistency across NIHR. Our logos, colours and other design features need to be applied using the same parameters and principles. Otherwise, we will not have a visible, coherent identity.

Hints and tips for graphic designers

  • Refer to logo usage, our typeface and specified colours so that we have consistency in logo placement and commonality - as well as variety - in overall appearance
  • Blend in our design motifs and/or style of imagery for additional visual cues
  • Check our style guide and tone of voice for our approach to language, formatting and engaging with others
  • Combining these elements will enable our communications to be recognisable as being NIHR - aligned yet differentiated through creative application of the brand
  • See our NIHR Annual Report 2020/21 by way of an example of a designed print output and posts on @NIHRresearch and other NIHR platforms on Twitter for other examples of visual applications
  • Remember that alternatives, alterations or custom additions to NIHR's identity are not permitted, for example visual/graphic devices, and will not be able to be approved for use


  • Ready-to-use design templates for digital and print that incorporate our look and feel - see table below for those currently being revised with the new NIHR name
  • Under review and available shortly:  research posters, banners, backdrops for meetings, brochure covers, report formats (landscape and portrait)
  • A selected range of NIHR corporate merchandise and campaign materials is available ready-made through the NIHR online print shop for use at events such as lanyards
    • NB lanyards need to be triple safety breakaway lanyards with clasps at 3-points
Business Cards INDD & PDF Download business card templates 19/04/2022
Documents and letterheads Word & Google documents Download document templates 19/04/2022
Slides - 16:9 PowerPoint & Google slides
Download slide templates 19/04/2022
Social media logo - round JPEG & PNG Download social media roundels 19/04/2022
Social media - square JPEG & PNG Download social media - square format logos 19/04/2022
Lanyards IDML & INDD Download lanyard templates 19/04/2022
Backgrounds for virtual meetings JPEG & PNG Download virtual backgrounds 19/04/2022

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