Corporate merchandise


We recognise that having branded items available can draw people to a stand or into a conversation and can support NIHR recognition. We have consequently reviewed this need to permit a limited set of corporate NIHR branded items to be produced and have available for:

  • NIHR events and engagement activities
  • Conferences and exhibitions where we have an NIHR stand
  • Stakeholder visits
  • Supporting our campaigns.

The following types of items align with existing branded items already in use/circulation such as lanyards and NIHR campaign materials:

  • Eco Ballpens
  • Post-it notes made from recycled paper.

NIHR pens and post-it notes should:

  • Only carry the main NIHR logo or 'NIHR' name (if space is limited) and website address ( so that all parts of the NIHR can use and distribute an NIHR branded item indefinitely - this means no NIHR sub-logos or designated names or subdomains and no dates or event names for example*
  • Enable us to extend the reach of the brand and are designed for practical use in the working environment
  • Be produced from recycled materials and/or be able to be recycled.

*Items that carry dates or names and details other than 'NIHR' should not be produced as have limited use and shelf life and will be viewed as not being value for money.


When in stock, orders for corporate merchandise can be placed with the NIHR online print shop. 

Further guidance on using the online print shop is available on our Campaigns page.


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