Design motifs



Our abstract design elements are inspired by our work. Incorporate our motifs to complement imagery or use alone when imagery is not required or available.

Hints and tips for graphic designers

  • The motifs (labelled A-M below) are abstract and although they reflect dimensions of NIHR's work, the motifs have universal use and the labels are not meant to be prescriptive
  • They can be used across multiple applications, materials and platforms
  • Remember that less is more - don't use several in a single page or application
  • Use the motifs in the provided colours and backgrounds (see below), unless working with a designer 
  • When combining motifs with imagery, motifs can only be used on the outer perimeter and never over a person's face
  • Motifs can be resized, rotated and partially 'cut off', for example at the edge of a colour block
  • Move the motifs around your draft design for optimum placement without detracting from or concealing the focal point  
  • Motifs can be used in light tint with Navy or black text if this does not interfere with the accessibility of the text

Where do I find the design files?

Design motifs

A  Healthcare, medicines


B  Binary code, digital


C  Conduction, broadcasting


D  Cell


E  Chromosome


F  Abstract


G  Care, community, social care


H  Network, connections, community


I  DNA Helix


J  Centrifuge, medical technology


K  Community, protection, public health


L  Social inclusion, protection, public health


M  Environmental health

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