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The NIHR logo and sub-logos are the most important visible components of the NIHR brand. It is essential that they are always legible, prominent and unobstructed in any application.


Our logo collection  

Components of the NIHR logo vary according to the purpose as follows:

  • our main logo is made up of our abbreviation on the left and name in full on the right, separated by a Coral line
    • for guidance on exclusion zone, size and keeping the logo intact see logo usage
    • an animated version of the logo is also available
    • a vertical (square) version is available for limited specific applications that request this format only - it cannot be used as an alternative outside of these circumstances
  • sub-logos have our abbreviation on the left and the remainder of the designation on the right, separated by the Coral line
    • designated parts of the NIHR issued with a sub-logo pack range from our Schools, Units and Research Design Service to NIHR infrastructure such as the Clinical Research Network, Centres and Facilities
    • the NIHR Academy also uses an NIHR sub-logo
  • the 'Funded by' logo has the wording 'Funded by' above the logo and is for use on research outputs funded through a research programme or career development award
    • advice on use is available in the guidance document on the NIHR website
    • our Policy Research Units are also permitted to use either a Funded by NIHR logo or a sub-logo
    • 'lock-ups' are available for the EME programme (see above guidance document) and Global Health Research programmes (see Global Health Research branding guide). These lock ups show the NIHR logo is locked in position with the UKRI MRC and UK aid logos respectively
  • the 'Supported by' logo has the wording 'Supported by' above the NIHR logo and is for users of study support or research facilities
  • our primary logo for social media consists of our abbreviated name in white reversed out of Navy, either in a roundel or square according to the platform
    • logos for social media are ready to be used on social media accounts that belong to designated parts of the NIHR organisation 

Browse our logotypes on the NIHR Hub.


Hints and tips on using the NIHR logo

A reminder of what can - and cannot - be done with respect to an NIHR logo:

  • do not recreate NIHR logo artwork yourself - please contact the NIHR to obtain or request original artwork if you cannot locate it in the above links
  • the position for the NIHR logo or sub-logo is top left
  • alternatives, alterations or custom additions to NIHR’s identity are not permitted, for example visual/graphic devices or custom replacement of text to the right of 'NIHR' in the logotype
  • original research papers should not carry any NIHR logo, only an NIHR acknowledgment and disclaimer

Full information on applying our logo is available on the logo usage page.

For advice on joint branding where NIHR has partnered with one or more other third party organisations, see the our partners page.


Our logo for social media

The NIHR has created both round and square logos for use on social media.








Audience-focused channels - corporate

The NIHR has applied colours from the palette to identify its corporate audience-focused channels such as on Twitter.  

for the latest NIHR news 
and information
for research delivery and
support information
for ways the public can become 
involved or participate in research
for pharma, medtech 
and the life sciences
for the best evidence 
from NIHR and others


Audience-focused channels - infrastructure, schools, units and RDS

Social media accounts for NIHR infrastructure, schools, units and RDS should use the solid navy roundel unless engaging with a specific audience, in which case a roundel using a solid background colour associated with the audience stream may be used (see below). More information is available under Social Media naming/identity conventions.

Browse our social media logos on the NIHR Hub.

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