Logo usage


Stand clear of the exclusion zone

When handling our logo, so that it can be seen and create an impression, take care to maintain a clear area around the logo - an exclusion zone - making sure it is void of all imagery, graphics and typography. The exclusion zone is proportional to the size of the logo and marked by the height (H) of the ‘N’ within the logo.


Hints and tips for logo positioning

How to enable the NIHR logo or sub-logo to have the most impact:

  • in documents, only use the NIHR logo/sub-logo on the front page
  • when our logo is positioned next to other logos, for example when working in partnership, leave at least enough space between them to allow for the width of the letters ‘NIHR’ as shown above
  • use a single NIHR logo when more than one part of the NIHR is collaborating - and not multiple sub-logos - naming each part in the text or footer if on a cover or title slide

Scroll further down this page for guidance on:

  • size of logo for print and digital
  • when to use which type of logo format (colour, reversed out, black or white), with examples of the logo on different backgrounds 
  • improper use of our logo
  • placement of our logo 

Size of the NIHR logo

To maintain full legibility, never reproduce the logo at 'specified heights'.  Check sizes for print below. Smallest is 5.5mm for business card applications.


Minimum size

Print 5.5mm (for business cards)
Digital 15px

Print formats

The following lists summarise the NIHR logo height 'H' (see exclusion zone above) for standard print, stationery and poster sizes.

Standard print sizes

A2 (420 x 594mm) - NIHR logo height 16mm

A3 (297 x 420mm) - NIHR logo height 12mm

A4 (210 x 297mm) - NIHR logo height 8mm

A5 (148 x 210mm) - NIHR logo height 7mm

A6 (105 x 148mm) - NIHR logo height 7mm

DL (99 x 210mm) - NIHR logo height 7mm

DL Envelope (110 x 220mm) - NIHR logo height 7mm

Business Card (55 x 85mm) - NIHR logo height 5.5mm

Typical advertising poster sizes

 A1 (594 x 841 mm) - NIHR logo height 38mm

A0 (841 x 1189 mm) - NIHR logo height 80mm

6 sheet (1,200 x 1800mm) - NIHR logo height 90mm

Banner (850 x 2000mm) - NIHR logo height 57mm

48 sheet (6,096 x 3048mm) - NIHR logo height 330mm

64 sheet (8,128 x 3048mm) - NIHR logo height 330mm

96 sheet (12,192 x 3048mm) - NIHR logo height 330mm


Digital formats

The logos we provide are in an SVG file format to be used responsively within the digital environment.  The recommended sizes are for guidance only. Logo legibility on various screen sizes should be considered  when designing web applications.


NIHR logo height and exclusion zones for typical desktop, tablet and mobile screen sizes:

  • Desktop (>1200px width) Margin 30px | NIHR logo height 40px
  • Tablet (>600px and <1200px width) Margin 20px | NIHR logo height 30px
  • Mobile phone (<600px width) Margin 15px | NIHR logo height 15px

In responsive design, use the available SVG logo, and aim for a logo size between 15 and 25% of the width of the page. 

Where recommended margins cannot be achieved, the minimum digital exclusion zone of the NIHR logo is one quarter of its height.

The minimum size that the NIHR logo can appear in digital applications is 15px high. It is important to stress that this is a minimum such as when designing favicons for web browsers.


Our logo in different colour options

The logo and its sub-logos are available in colour - the classic Navy font (Lato) and Coral line - and black, white and reversed out versions (see examples on different backgrounds in 5).

The coloured logo has typography in NIHR Navy and the line in NIHR Coral (for matching colour elsewhere in your design please refer to our colour palette). This version should be used as a first choice, granted that the background is light enough for the logo to stand out.


COLOUR - The NIHR logo in colour is to be used on white or light backgrounds.  REVERSED OUT - The reversed out NIHR logo is only to be used on a background of NIHR Navy.
BLACK - The black NIHR logo is to be used against white or light backgrounds when the whole material is in black- and-white or greyscale. WHITE - The white NIHR logo is to be used on dark backgrounds.


Improper use of our logo

In order to maintain a strong and consistent brand, we ask that our logo and sub-logos be kept intact. Please do not add to or change anything about the NIHR logo or sub-logos, and do not add writing around it, even if the exclusion zone is respected.

Placement of our logo

Place the NIHR logo or sub-logo to the top-left on communications.

Aim for an exclusion zone equal to 2H from the edge as an optimum and H as a minimum for print-on-demand.

For digital channels, aim for an exclusion zone equal to H from the edge as an optimum and 40% of H as a minimum (for guidance refer to our brochure and web examples below).


 Brochure cover and web page


Using our logo on different backgrounds

Ensure you place the logo on a plain background and at high contrast. If the logo is being used on an image, please allow sufficient contrast with the background image to give clear legibility of the logo.




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