Our partners



Joint branding applies where the NIHR has partnered with one or more other organisations who are third parties to the NIHR.

Hints and tips

  • The concept of ‘NIHR’ also applies to NIHR infrastructure, schools and units, which all act as NIHR.
  • Advice is based on the understanding that when stakeholders interact with a part of the NIHR, that they are interacting with the NIHR per se. The NHS/university/other hosts and partners contracted to deliver and manage a part of the NIHR are integral to that entity/designation or otherwise named part of the NIHR.
  • Parts of the NIHR should only use their designated NIHR sub-logo* in the header of their websites, not host/partner logos (the latter can be included in the footer of the home page or positioned on the ‘about’ page together with a funding statement. *Available via ccfcomms@nihr.ac.uk
  • Where a site is embedded within the host’s site, confer with your managing coordinating centre.
  • When collaborating with other designated parts of the NIHR, do not use multiple NIHR sub-logos; use a single corporate NIHR logo, with names of the relevant parts of the NIHR listed.
  • Where another research funder has used NIHR facilities or expertise for their research, they can use our Supported by NIHR logo (advice on positioning is given on the Our Visual Identity page under the 'Partners' tab).


The NIHR is funded by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).

Hints and tips

  • Funding and support provided by the NIHR should only acknowledge the NIHR and not DHSC

The exceptions to this are few and at a corporate level such as NIHR's annual report or on the NIHR website (see footer of the NIHR home page), where 'Funded by' wording will be used above the DHSC logo as shown in the example below.

Funded by DHSC logo


The NHS logo is protected by law and should not be regarded as a ‘partner’ logo for universal use.

So, although we have permission to use the NHS logo for agreed health research campaigns (see below), the NHS lozenge cannot be universally applied across NIHR activities.

Agreed health research campaigns with the NHS

Use of the NHS logo to imply NHS endorsement can only be used by the NIHR in relation to Join Dementia Research and Be Part of Research (site and campaign). Special and specific approval has been sought for use of the NHS lozenge in relation to these services/campaigns. It has been granted on the basis that these are delivered in partnership with the NHS, supporting the principles and values underpinning the NHS Identity, to be used as follows:

  • only in line with agreed brand guidelines for these services and the NHS identity guidelines
  • not used alongside local NHS provider logos
  • national template materials should be used
  • alongside language in the text (not in the header) to explain the nature of the relationship e.g. ‘delivered through’ or ‘in partnership with’
  • the usual scenario will be NIHR logo top left and the NHS logo top right (this is the case regardless of which organisation is the lead partner), noting that separate partnership arrangements are in place for Join Dementia Research. 


NIHR will work with partner organisations to agree on a case-by-case basis how best to co-locate and size respective logos, taking into consideration the lead, joint or secondary organisations in the partnership, as applicable.

Hints and tips

  • If NIHR is the lead partner/main single funder, the NIHR logo/sub-logo should be top left.
  • ‘Locked-in’ logos will be created where design work is required to generate optimal visual parity, providing a ready-to-use design file for all partners to ensure consistency and efficiency of use. See example below of the 'Funded by NIHR' logo with the UK aid logo.
  • Where NIHR is one of a number of equal partners, it may not be practical to list all the partners with equal prominence at the top of the page. In these scenarios, it may be more appropriate to display these at the bottom of the page describing or otherwise naming the purpose of the partnership. Wording such as ‘Delivered in partnership by’ together with a list of all the partners or their logos may be used.
  • Where NIHR is a partner or a delivery vehicle to a service with a pre-existing brand which appears top left, the NIHR logo can be positioned elsewhere with prior agreement.
  • See also the last bullet under the general 'Hints and tips' (above) for how to advise users of NIHR's facilities and expertise.