How to use our sub-logo effectively

Designated - or named - parts of the organisation each have a sub-logo, the widespread use of which unifies the organisation.

The NIHR Academy also uses an NIHR sub-logo for career development and membership activities.  

Find your sub-logo on the NIHR Hub.


Hints and tips for sub-logo use

  • Sub-logo positioning is the same as for the NIHR logo - positioned top left.
  • Do not attempt to create sub-logo files on your own, the NIHR will provide your sub-logo pack.
  • Select the variation - colour, black. reversed out or white - suitable for your application (see examples below).
  • Specific advice for applying a sub-logo on your website is also available.
  • Where more than one part of the NIHR is involved, just use a single NIHR logo and name the individual parts of the NIHR, rather than using multiple sub-logos.
  • Researchers funded by a part of the NIHR that has an NIHR sub-logo should use slides and research poster templates carrying that sub-logo - and not a Funded by/Supported by NIHR logo or an NIHR logo - and use an NIHR acknowledgement and disclaimer.


Black on white logos White on black logos 


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