Using our NIHR typeface

Lato is our corporate typeface family - an open source (free) collection of typefaces alongside Google and the Sans Serif collection. There are ten variations of the Lato typeface selected as part of NIHR's visual identity.

 Lato typefaces





Hints and tips

  • Lato-Regular and Lato-Light work well for display copy and body text for print-on-demand or digital documents and the Web. Lato-Black can be used for headings and subheadings. Lato-Hairline may be used for decorative and formal purposes, such as invitations to special events. Lato-Hairline is not to be used as body text or in all caps.
  • Bold and Italic variations of the typefaces can be used as described in NIHR’s style guide.
  • Lato is the typeface of choice when designing websites and when designing print-on-demand and digital communication materials. 
  • Arial is to be used as a generic typeface back-up. If Lato is not available, Arial can be used for correspondence, business documents and emails. Arial can also be used when writing on external web platforms, such as Eventbrite.
  • The recommended font size for text is 12 points. The minimum font size (8 points) can be used on business card applications.
  • Our selected typefaces can be downloaded from the NIHR Hub. 


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