Adding an image to a content page

If you are uploading a new image ensure you have read the information on the uploading an image page.

If you are adding an image in a general content page or document click the insert an image icon (see left) in the editing bar at the top of your editor and using the search icon on the right of the source field in the insert/edit image window, find and select your image which should be located in the folder which matches the relevant knowledge area.  


Once inserted you can then resize your image by dragging the corner points.


Landing/Blog/News pages

On these pages selecting an image is slightly different. 

On landing pages you will need to click on the image placeholder or existing image to edit.

For news and blogs there is a 'picture' choose an image field that you select to pick an image, this adds an image to your blog or news item which will be displayed with the summary in the listing and at the top of the page .



There is a placeholder to chose if you do not have a suitable image located in the news or blog directory, however use of this should be limited.


You will see the folders displayed pictorially and a preview on the right hand side where you can crop the image if necessary by dragging in the bounding box handles. 



When you are finished select the green OK button. You can upload a new image if you need to by using the grey upload button.  Equally you can remove an image by clicking on an image in the editor and select the red remove button. Finally republish your document to affect the changes. 

Please note: Images placed within the text blocks in documents, blogs and news can be difficult to format and are best avoided. If you need to do this and are having trouble with text flowing around an image and wish it to be underneath the image contact for assistance.


Developer's tip : place <p style="clear: left;"> </p> in the  code view between image and following text.