Selecting a content page layout



Please note: Some of the screenshots , videos  and instructions may refer to the previous site layout until this can be updated

Open the page by double clicking the page icon or right-click and choose Edit and Content. On the top-left corner of the editor interface you will find the Content Layout template dropdown.



Select Default template from the list for a standard content page with has the navigation on the left, then press the Green Publish button.


Check that your page has the correct Page Layout

Close the page and right-click on it in the menu, select Edit and Page Properties. Click on the Advanced tab and check that the Page layout type is default-for-content.spl.

Click Save and then Publish.


If you have just created a new page

Adding content

To add content to your page see Editing a content page.


Page Metadata and Google searches

You need to enter a short (less than 165 characters) summary of the information on your page which will be displayed under the page title when people search for information on search engines like Google. See Adding page metadata