Editing posts

This section covers common tasks associated with posts for example adding or editing a news item, blog, funding  opportunity, or vacancy. For all types of content posts, please ensure you have a good understanding of the guidance for written content, which includes how to write inclusively and using the NIHR tone of voice. 


A small number of users have experienced difficulties with losing content when adding or editing documents using Chrome. To avoid any issues with saving content, we recommend that you login to SiteKit using Firefox or Internet Explorer rather than Chrome.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION for everyone who creates and edits HTML DOCUMENTS  - please read this carefully;

Please refer to your coordinating centre comms team for guidance on approval and publishing content on the website.

If Basic Post Editors need to amend an existing post, using the Publish button will remove the post from the front-end of the website (i.e. visitors will no longer see that post when visiting its URL).  If you attempt to publish it yourself it will be automatically removed from the website. You can still make changes to the documents, just make sure to save it, but do not publish it then refer it for authorisation to a Full Post Editor.

Basic Post Editors should use the Save button when amending an existing post (note that a warning is displayed about publishing).


When the post is saved, the Active / Approved box will still be ticked, but greyed out for Basic Post Editors:


When a Full Post Editor goes to approve the changes, the post will appear as a [DRAFT] and the Active / Approved box will show as unticked (though if the Save button was used, the post will still be live on the site).


 If you experience any issues or there is no Full Post Editor available in your team, you can contact the  Netsweb Team for authorisation.

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