The following steps are the new format for posting committee membership positions.

The Committees post category replaces the Vacancies category for committee positions.

The post categories are found under the Content tab when you sign into SiteKit, as shown below.



Scroll to the bottom of the Main section to find the post category.



Step 1


  • Enter the committee title in highlighted fields shown above. The date field should be left blank.
  • Click on the Add link to create the post.


Step 2

  • Tick the Active/Approved check box to make sure the post goes live once you finish creating the post. The post will go live if you select this option. 

Step 3


  • Enter the committee description by clicking on the Content field highlighted above.
  • Use headings and bullet points to make it easy to scan.

Suggested H2 headings:
About NIHR
About the position
Essential Criteria
Desirable Criteria
Committee member role and responsibilities

Step 4

  • Tick the Expires check box to enter the job posting should expire ('Do Not Show After' ).
  • Enter the date you'd like the committee to stop displaying from in the 'Do Not Show After' field highlighted above.

Step 5 


  • Enter a 155 character meta description in the summary field highlighted above.
  • This will be displayed on the Committees landing page with listings and in search engine results.

Tool: Online meta description length checker


Step 6


Select the type of committee role:

  • Professional, or
  • Public


Step 7



  • Enter a link to the application Link to application? (enter full URL, or


  • If using an email address you must enter "" without the speech marks e.g.


Step 8

  •  Save and Publish the post.

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