Adding/editing a news item

Please note: Some of the screenshots , videos  and instructions may refer to the previous site layout until this can be updated


Select the content tab and the news link.


To find an existing post because the list is long you might try searching using the ‘Show news containing’ search box, they are listed alphabetically on consecutive pages.


To create a new post

Scroll to the bottom of the page and type in your title in the entry box (it is best not to add the dates here, you can do it later in the process) then click add.

The title should be less than 65 characters. Read full guidance on titles and description.

You will then see your news item appear in the list in red (indicating that it it is not live). Click on this link and open the post dialogue box.



At the top there is an active/approved tick box. You will only tick this only when you are finished and want to make your post live.

Below this is the title of the post and directly below that is the Content area which defaults to Enter new text, click here for your text editor to add your news item content and then click save. Instructions on adding text can be found in editing a content page.

Underneath the content area is the picture, which will be shown next to the news item on the listing page. Click here navigate to the images/about-us/news directory to choose your image.  Please ensure your image is resized to 1200 x 375 and optimised before you upload it into this directory see the section on Images/videos for information on preparing an image and uploading.  

The next boxes below show the dates your news item will be live for. The first date defaults to when the item is created. You might change this if you wanted to schedule it to go live on a future date and time for example, otherwise this and the end date as is. Tip: if you select an exact time, remember to deselect All day news.

The next field is the summary. This appears next to the image on the listing page so should encapsulate what the article is about rather than just the first sentence.


Use the News custom fields boxes below this for areas of the site the news is related to, specialties, news filters etc. and click the arrow icon to move them into the right-hand area to select.



In between the News custom fields boxes is the Year of publication field this will allow your post to be archived in the correct year later on.

In the development site there are more tags available to feed the dynamic code blocks. Please add any tags applicable to your news item - See Dynamic Content Blocks.

When you are satisfied all the areas have been completed correctly then click the green  save button at the top of the post. When you want it to go live then tick the Active/approved check box and select publish - check it is now in the live blog listing.

To take a post down just deselect the Active/approved check box and re-publish.


Please note: there is no way to preview the post until it goes live.

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