The award template

This post category is for all NIHR awards. On the old site results were posted inline with awards. For the new site, results should be posted as news items (which can then be linked from an award if you wish, through Supporting Information or in the main text).

Listing Demo: /awards 

Award Demo: /test-award-one/11732


The main text block, called Content, is for the content that appears on the left side of the page. This is the bulk of the text on the page. Please use h3 headings for your section headings, as in the demo.

The post dates will provide the open and close dates for the award. These appear in the header, and the close date appears in the list page

The summary is a brief summary for the listings page. Keep this short and useful (1000 or so characters is about the useful limit), but don't repeat just the title as this is bad for our SEO, and for the search engine. It should provide a bit of extra information so people know what they are clicking on.

Contact is a text field to add contact details. This should be in the form of a bulleted list, as shown in the demo for the detail page.

Supporting information is to add documents useful to the application. These should be in a bulleted list of links, with extra information as normal text beneath.

Deadline is for the time (not date) that the award will close. If this is not useful, ignore it and it won't appear. You can see how it'd look on Twest Award One. Test Award Two doesn't have a deadline.

Application link is for the cta button on the list and details page. This will automatically be turned into a mailto link which generates an email on click, as they all seemed to be email applications.

Award Type is for the type of award, and is a dropdown selection. The landing page can be filtered by this tag.