Funding opportunites

The Funding template

 Listing Demo: /funding/

 This will house all NETS, CCF, and Academy opportunities. A few changes to note over our current version.

  1. There is a block at the top of the listing page to highlight a themed call, if one is active. 

  2. Current opportunities have blue titles on the listing page, potential opportunities have teal titles. 

  3. The detail page makes use of the right hand column for supporting information and contact details.

Fields for Funding (listed sequentially)

The main text block, called Content, is for the content that appears on the left side of the page. This is the bulk of the text on the page. Please use h3 headings for your section headings.

The post dates will provide the open and close dates for the award. These appear in the header, and the close date appears in the list page

The summary is a brief summary for the listings page. Keep this short and useful (1000 or so characters), but don't repeat just the title. It should provide a bit of extra information so people know what they are clicking on and why.

Webinar is a yes / no field. Select yes if there will be a webinar for the opportunity and an icon will appear on the listings page. 

Supporting information is to add documents useful to the application. These should be in a bulleted list of links, with extra information as normal text beneath. 

Deadline is for the time (not date) that the award will close. If this is not useful, ignore it and it won't appear. 

Application link is for the cta button on the list and details page. Use the application link here. This needs to be a web link, not an email, though let me know if this is an issue.

Funding Type is to indicate Programme funding (NETS, CCF) or Career Development Funding (Academy). This is filterable on the listings page.

Tags. The following tags are available. Programme (NETS, CCF), Academy Programme, Workstream, Status (Open or Potential), and Specialty.

Contact information will automatically pull through an email address based on the contact post for the relevant programme and an appropriate showcase page link. This currently works for CCF and NETS programmes, and will be hooked up to the Academy Awards once their contacts are in the system.