We advertise roles at all levels with NIHR on our Jobs page.

When posting job descriptions, including for Programme Directors, please include:

  • the recruitment link to the employing host site for the role
  • any ongoing adaptations for COVID-19 (e.g. hybrid working), if applicable.

 The post category can be found under the Content tab in SiteKit:



Step 1



  • Enter the job title and posting date in the respective highlighted fields shown above.
  • Click on the Add link to create the post.


Step 2


  • Enter the job description by clicking on the Content field highlighted above.
  • Enter the job description with the following sections, separated by H2 headings:

About NIHR (required H2 title and section)
Our mission is to improve the health and wealth of the nation through research.

Find out what we do, our structure and priorities, and learn about the difference our health and social care research makes to people's lives.

NIHR jobs are based within our host organisations.

You will be directed to apply through employing institution sites.

Optional (suggested H2 headings)
About the position
Essential criteria
Desirable criteria

  • Use headings and bullet points to make it easy to scan:
  • Refer to the Writing for web guide on how to structure the description. 


Step 3


  • Enter the date you'd like the job to start displaying from in the 'Do Not Show Before' field highlighted above.


Step 4


  • Enter a 155 character meta description in the summary field highlighted above.
  • This will be displayed on the Jobs landing page and in search engine results.

Tool: Online meta description length checker


Step 5



  • Select the job location from the drop-down.


Step 6



  •  Select the type of job role is


Step 7


  • Enter an interview date in the following format: '01 January 2022'.
  • If the job has no confirmed interview date, enter 'TBC'.


Step 8


  •  Enter the salary for the position in the field highlighted above.

For consistency, please use the format of: £30,000 - £34,000 being sure to list the figures with £ appropriate commas and separate the figures with a hyphen.

If no salary information is available, enter TBC. 


Step 9


  • Enter a link to the application (enter full URL).



  • If using an email address you must enter "mailto:email.address.com" without the speech marks e.g. mailto:willy.wonka@nihr.ac.uk


Step 10


  • Save and Publish the post.

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