People directory


The NIHR People Directory can be found under ‘Our People’ in the footer on the NIHR website. It is an alphabetical list of key NIHR leaders, Chairs, Directors and more, providing details of their NIHR role and their biography. The People Directory allows us to showcase the expertise of our leaders.

The NIHR website also has a Contacts Directory, which is linked from the ‘Contact Us’ page in the footer of the website. This provides contact details for teams and individuals within Coordinating Centres, for when a relevant answer or contact can’t be found in the Q&A on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

This page details the following:

Why we use the People Directory
Who should be added to the People Directory
How to add a new person to the People Directory
How to edit an existing listing


Why we use the People Directory

When referencing a person within a web page or post, a link should be created directing users to that person’s information within the directory.

No or minimal detail about that person should be included on the web page. This is to reduce duplication of content across multiple pages and to allow us to provide profile information in a consistent format across the website. It also allows us to have only one place which needs updating if someone’s circumstances were to change, rather than having to edit multiple listings across the website.

Another benefit of using the directory is allowing page content to stay short and concise, with the option to click through to more information about people if the user would like to.


Who should be added to the People Directory

Anyone who has a leadership NIHR role can be added to the directory. They can either be employed by NIHR or any related organisation.

For example, someone who is employed by a university or hospital but is also a Specialty Lead.

Some other examples of roles which are included in the People Directory include:

  • Strategy board members
  • Coordinating centre leadership teams
  • Research Programme Directors and committee chairs
  • CRN national specialty leads
  • Research School Directors

As a general rule, if someone is relevant to an NIHR web page and needs to be mentioned, they should be added to the directory and the page should link to this new profile.

If you are unsure on whether someone should be added to the directory, please ask someone from the website team.

How to add a new person to the People Directory

 In Sitekit, select the Content tab and the People link. 


To create a new post, scroll to the bottom of the page and type in your person’s name (in the format [Surname], [First name]. in the entry box then click add.

You will then see your person appear in the list in red (indicating that it is not live currently). Click on this link and open the post dialogue box.

At the top there is an active/approved tick box. You will only tick this when you are finished and want to make your post go live.

Below this is the title of the post which will already be populated, but you can change it here if necessary. The title should be the person’s name, in the format [Surname], [First name]. Do not include a professional title in this box (e.g. Dr, Professor).

Directly below that is the Content area which defaults to Enter new text, click here for your text editor and add your person’s profile content and then click save. Instructions on adding content can be found in editing a content page.

The first sentence of this content should include the person’s full name with professional title (in bold) and their NIHR role/s. Subsequent text can describe other roles they hold (e.g. a university professor or hospital consultant) and their career history and accomplishments.

Example text: 

Professor Elaine Hay is Programme Director of NIHR Programme Grants for Applied Research (PGfAR).

Elaine is Professor of Community Rheumatology and the Director, Arthritis Research UK Primary Care Centre at Keele University.

Elaine obtained a degree in medicine from University of Sheffield. She undertook her postgraduate training in the Manchester region and, whilst an Arthritis Research Campaign (ARC) Research Fellow at the ARC Epidemiology Unit Manchester, completed her MD in 1992. She joined the Haywood Rheumatology Centre, Stoke on Trent and Keele University as a Senior Lecturer / Honorary Consultant in 1994 and was awarded a personal Chair in 2003.


Underneath the content area is the picture, which will be shown when a user clicks through to the person’s profile. This should be a high quality photograph of the person and this is required for all profiles. When adding an image to the post, you can use the “Find Item” search bar to find your uploaded photo.

Your suitably named image should be uploaded to /images/about-us/our-people/ in the asset tree. Please ensure your image is resized to 120 x 150 px and optimised before you upload it into this directory see the section on Images/videos for information on preparing an image and uploading.

Next, fill in the Full Name with Professional Title box, in the format [Title] [First name] [Surname].

Select the Directory type from the following list where there is a direct link to a coordinating centre:

  • Academy
  • CCF
  • CED
  • Strategy Board
  • NIHR Leadership

For example, David King is Director of the NIHR CCF and so is tagged with CCF in the directory type. That means he is included in the CCF filtered list. You would not tag a BRC director with CCF, even though the BRC contracts are managed by CCF.

Also, add a Summary for the person. This will be shown in the People Directory homepage alphabetical list. This should be no more than one sentence and include their full name and professional title and their NIHR role/s. E.g.

  1. Dr David King is Director of the NIHR Central Commissioning Facility
  2. Professor Keith Channon is NIHR Emeritus Investigator and Chair of the NIHR-BHF Cardiovascular Partnership

In general, we do not add a contact Email for posts in the People Directory.

Please add all tags you feel are applicable to your blog post. This will allow filtered lists to be created in the future.

When you are satisfied all the areas have been completed correctly then click the green save button at the top of the post. If you want it to go live immediately, tick the Active/approved checkbox and select publish. Always go to the directory and check the live listing is showing correctly.


How to edit an existing listing

Posts are listed alphabetically by surname in Sitekit. As the list is long, it may be quicker to use the search box to find the person you are looking to edit.

Edit any relevant sections as described in the above section.

When you are satisfied all the areas have been updated correctly then click the green save button at the top of the post and then select publish.