Users and permissions

Adding a user or changing permissions

The NIHR website has an approval-based permissions structure in place. Your local comms team will be able to advise you if you're not sure.

Where possible please batch up requests.

Request a new user or different permissions for an existing user

  • All requests should be submitted by your local comms team
  • Make a request by filling in the account request form (only CC Comms Teams can access this link)
  • The request will be actioned, usually within 24 hours. There may be some delay if the request is submitted on Monday due to working patterns.

User permission categories

There are six main levels of permission:

  1. Basic Page editor - edit not publish content pages, not create pages
  2. Full Page editor - edit and publish content pages + approve pages (normally reserved for members of Communications teams)
  3. Basic Post editor - create/edit all post categories, not publish posts (can add ability to publish news posts)
  4. Full Post editor - create/edit all post categories + publish and approve posts (apart from exceptions*)
  5. Developer - create new functionality (reserved for identified website developers)
  6. Super Administrator - full access (reserved for website management roles)

* exception categories 

Blog - approve blog posts , allocated to blog editors only

Funding opportunities - allocated to identified people who manage funding


Forms - ability to access forms data

Please note all users who create or post content should have received training on writing for the web. To request training please contact