Development requests and error reporting

Development requests

Development requests are requests for new functionality, not currently available on the NIHR website. 

New requests are added to a backlog and sit alongside other high priority work set out in the annual Comms plan. Prioritisation is undertaken regularly with new requests being weighed against existing planned work.

If a template or page isn't working as you expect, submit a bug report.

How to make a development request

TO make a development request, email Andy Buxton, the Senior Digital Product Manager, with your email title beginning ‘Development request’.

Please provide:

  • A description of what tasks the website visitor cannot do with the existing functionality and what action is it that users users do now
  • Outline what action is it that users users do now
  • The page or pages the request will cover
  • Examples from other websites, if you have them
  • When the functionality is needed, for example a campaign launching 20th November

Your request will be assessed and you will be advised of the next steps.

Reporting a bug

Bugs are unexpected behaviour of website templates or pages.

Examples of bugs include:

  • text not aligning correctly
  • content displaying oddly at different screen sizes
  • element on the page can't be interacted with
  • unexpected content comes up when you click on a tab

How to report a bug

Email, with your email title beginning ‘Bug’:

Please provide:

  • as much detail of what is wrong as possible
  • what you would expect to happen instead
  • how severe you think the bug is

Incident reporting

An incident is any disruption to the operation of the NIHR website. This doesn't include bugs, which should be reported separately.

Examples of an incident include:

  • website is abnormally slow
  • website is down
  • certain users report they cannot access the website

Before reporting an incident, please check with colleagues that they are experiencing the same issue.

How to report an incident

To report sn incident, submit a ticket to PA Consulting through the NIHR Support Portal

Outline the issue as best you understand it and stress the importance and the number of users impacted.Provide a screenshot if you can.

PA's priority system depends on the number of people inconvenienced.

Please inform the web team you have reported an incident by emailing Netsweb.